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I have a suggestion.. for people who has trouble with the first Row.. I always put the cast on Row on 2 needles and when you go to take it off It is easier. After you have the cast on on the 2 needles .you take the one needed out and then you can do the first Row easier. I thought I would tell you how I  do it. Cookie-


Have you ever come across a pattern that wants you to cast on in the middle of the Row your working on? How is it done you asked?   You stop knitting at the cast on point.  Turn your work and with the same yarn you've been working with, cast on the number of stitches the directions calls for.  Turn your work again and start knitting as directed. Knitting will be tight for 3 or 4 rows.


Knitting - When casting on, after the second stitch place the needle between the previous two stitches when making the next stitch, continue in this manner until you have all the required stitches.  It makes the casting-on Row firmer. Linda