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Exchanging knit to crochet


Chaining Base chains!

 Seems if I have a long base chain to start a project, that is just  When something interrupts! 

 So I keep an "almost" count.  Just be sure you have more than you need. You know, like add ten to what you thought you had. 

 Then when you crochet back across your chain and have the correct

 Number of stitches for your patterns you count out about three stitches and snip

 off the extra.  Pull the stitch back through till you get to your pattern  and weave the end in. 

 This sure beats having to unravel the first row because you did not  have enough stitches. 

 You can also make a habit of leaving a tail when you start your chain,  and pick it up to make a few chain stitches if you are short, but this shows  on your work when you finish that row.