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Reversible Baby AFGHAN to crochet

Yarn : Baby Pompadour (sport weight)

Size: approximately 32"x44"

Material : 5 skeins - White "A" 5 skeins - color "B" (1 skein = 6" long and 44" wide, add 1 skein for edge).

Crochet hook or size to gauge

Gauge: 5 shells equals 5".

Chain 158 with color A.

Row 1: work 1 dc in 5 th ch from hook, (1 dc, ch1, 1 dc) in next ch, 1 dc in next ch; *skip 2 ch, 1 dc in next ch; (1dc, 1ch, 1dc) in next ch; 1 dc in next ch; repeat from * to within 1 ch from end; do not work last ch; 31 shells in row. Remove hook, leaving loop to be worked later.

Row 2: DO NOT TURN. With color B, make a loop on hook. Starting at the beginning of last row, join B with sc in ch next to top of first dc. Working in front of last row, * ch 6, skip next shell, work 1 sc in first ch of the 2 skipped in foundation ch, repeat from * end with ch 6, 1 sc in last ch; 31 loops in row.

Row 3: With B, ch 2 turn. Work sl st in first dc of last shell row ch 2; *insert hook in ch 1 space and under loop (chain 6) of last row work a shell (2dc, 1 ch, 2dc in same st) repeat from * across row. Remove hook, leaving loop to be worked later. DO NOT TURN.

Row 4: Pick up dropped loop of color A at end of row before last, *ch6, working in front of last shell row, skip shell, work 1 sc in space before next shell (loop is same color as shell); repeat from *, end ch 6, skip last shell, 1 sc under ch 2 loop at end of row.

Row 5: With A, work same as row 3. DO NOT TURN.

Row 6: Pick up B loop at end of row 4 and work same as row 4.

Repeat rows 3,4,5 and 6 for pattern until afghan measures 43".

Edge: At corner shell, 2 dc, ch1, 2dc in every other shell row, 2 shells in corner, 1 shell across end continue across afghan, join with sl st. Fasten off.

Thank you Carole  S.