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Hi Shirley, For the lady who wants to felt her knitting in the front loading washer: the secret is hot wash, cold rinse!!  The agitation is important, but not as important as the shock to the fibers of the extreme changes in temperature!!  I've been at the fiber "game" for almost 60 years now and love your newsletter.  The tips are timely and instructions very clear.  Keep up the good work!  Helen Grace in MO.

I wanted to share with you what I have found:
I felt a LOT!  I love making bags, purses, lunchbags, coasters, hotmats, etc.  I live in an apt building that has automatic washers which lock once you start them so I was having a difficult time getting anything felted.  I went online and searched and found a WONDER WASHER for about $49.00 and bought one.  Now I felt easily and quickly.  The Wonder Washer only agitates.  It is fairly lightweight, easy to store, and does a great job.  It has two knobs--one sets the time and the other one sets either "standard" or "delicate."  I was surprised at how good it works.  I am NOT advertising for Wonder Washer, but rather advocating that these little pails do the trick.  I just thought if someone really likes to felt they would like to check these out.  I imagine there is more than one brand out "there."  The other thing I wanted to say is Happy Thanksgiving (early) and Blessings,
Linda G