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Finding a great site on the Internet    

Hi There, When I find a great site that has a lot of patterns I want to save. I find it very hard to print and operate my computer at the same time. So here is what works for me.

1.Right click and select all. 

2.Right click and copy. 

3.Open your word process software. (Like Word) and paste the pattern and save. 

That way you con organize as you save .Good Luck  carol4ron@netzero.net


From: Boyd Bragg boydbragg@home.com   Saving Patterns Hi, Just a tip for others like me who look for patterns online:  When you find a pattern you just MUST have, but can't (or have reason not to) print it out, you can save the pattern to "favorites", or to a diskette (a diskette is safer).  Right click on the page, then click "add to favorites". There is a place you can check "Make page available for off-line viewing" which will save the entire page to your hard drive or diskette, be sure to check this before saving.  Then choose the folder where you want to store it and click "ADD".  Saved this way on a diskette, computer problems won't erase all those wonderful patterns that friends and fellow crafters share with us.  It's also less work than copying all the text to a word processing program, PLUS (and maybe the best part) the pictures included with the pattern are saved as well. Take care all! Karen Bragg AllCreaturesPetCare@yahoo.com