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Found  Room Patterns from A to Z.

The patterns found on this page are sent to The Yarn Lover's Room by either the person requesting information in  the "Find and Seek Room" or from the person sending out their treasured pattern. We would like to say a great big "Thank you " to all who have helped out a fellow crafter. Shirley

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"A" Found Patterns
Afghans all sizes, Afghans patterns for sale, Amputation Covers, Aran sweater pattern meanings,  Aminals,

"B" Found Patterns
For Baby, Baby Blanket,  Hooded Baby Poncho, Baby sweaters, Bibs, Christening Outfit, Bags,  Purses & Totes, Baskets, Beanie Babies, Bedspread,  Bikini, Bomber Jackets, Bathroom Set , Bears grafts, Book Ordering ,Boys Sweater , Bunny , Bears & Blankets, Preemie caps & sweaters, Bath mitt, Heirloom Baby Bonnet, Preemie caps & sweaters, Bath mitt, Heirloom Baby Bonnet, Baseball patterns, 

"C' Found Patterns
Cartoons, Childs sweater, Clown, crochet/alphabetically, crochet/teach yourself, Cats, Coasters, Conversion Chart, Cancer caps, cro-hook, miscellaneous crochet, Crochet stitches, Canister Covers, cell phone pouch, Chicken Welcome sign, crocheted Christening dress, crochet stitches,

"D" Found Patterns
Dickey,  Dish Cloth,  Dog sweaters,  Doily,  Dolls,  12" soft doll dress pattern, Dress, Diagonal Crochet, Baby Doll Lapel Outfit,

"E" Found Patterns  Embroidery  Stitch Guide, Exfoliating Square

"F" Found Patterns
Face cloth, Fans, Flowers, Flags, Finger knitting

"G" Patterns Found
Gloves, Golf Covers, Graph archive, Granny Squares, German Patterns in knitting and Crocheting,

"H" Found Pattern
Hand-loomed knitting, Hanger Covers, Hats, Hex Pattern, Holiday Patterns, Hair Pin Lace Instructions, Halter top, Harley Davidson graph, Halter Top,  hot pad, hangingbird feeder  ( or plant ) , hiding yarn ends, Holiday, Hair wraps and barrettes,

"J" Found Patterns

Jesus Robe, Jackets, Joining granny squares, Joining yarns

"K" Patterns Found
Knitting for beginners,  Teach yourself knitting,  Learn To Knit, Knitting graph paper, Knitting Software, One handed knitting, Kerchief, Kimonos

"L" Patterns Found
Lettering, Personal Handiwork Labels, Loch Ness Monster,

"M" Patterns Found
Macramé, Mittens,  Modular Crochet,  Marine emblems and such, Rainbow Mobile, Snoopy's Mittens and Hat

"N" Found Patterns
Button necklace, Neck Scarf, Nascar Pillows

"O" Patterns Found
Oreo Pattern  & other Refrigerator Magnet,  Ostomy covers,

"P" Patterns Found
Patterns for sale, Pot Scrubber, Poncho, Purse, Pet coats and jackets, Bassinet Purse, Pot holders, Pokeman, Pony tail ties, Cross-stitch Purse, Pillsbury Doughboy, Paperback Totes, Place mats, Lucky Penny Holders, Portuguese web site, Pencil Pouch,

"R" Found Patterns
Heart-Shaped Rug, Throw rugs from dry cleaner plastic bags,

"S" Found Patterns
(Scarf or Kerchief), Scrubbiest, Shaker Rib, Snowflakes, Laced Slippers, Sideways Cuff Socks, Shrug, Poncho, Cape, stoles, Snood, Poncho, Slippers, scarf, Plus some, stitch directions, Knitted Stump Sock, Scrubbies, sweaters, Skirts, Snoopy's Mittens and Hat

"T" Found Patterns
Tea cozy, Towel Toppers, Toys,  Totes, Train chart, Teddy Bear Square,

"V" Patterns found
Free virus checker,

"W" Patterns Found
Women's sweaters, Old workbasket magazines, weaving in ends, Window Valance

"Y" Patterns Found
Finding a yarn shop in your area.

"Z" Patterns Found

Zoo Afghan (Crocheted)

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