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END OF EACH ROW: When making an afghan with fringe on the beg and end of each Row, where you fasten off each Row: If after leaving enough yarn on the end of each Row and fastening off turn your work after each Row to beg in the next Row your afghan will not end up being out-of-shape or slanted from one end to the other. Just don't forget to leave enough yarn at the beg of each Row too for the fringe. This kind of an afghan 'makes' its own fringe. ;o) You can make these with the fringe on both ends of the afghan or with the fringe on both side edges of the afghan just by determining how long or wide you make the first chain, and how many rows you want to make. Ann beikenbary@adelphia.net


YARN ENDS ON SCRUMBLES: If you do not want to tuck in the yarn ends on a scramble, just separate the plies on the end pieces, then cut to lengths you think look ok. They don't have to be all the same length, as you might want some of these very long and others very short etc. This gives an added look to your scramble. Ann beikenbary@adelphia.net


When a pattern calls for a fringe while working the pattern such as Apache Tears afghan, I cut plastic straws to the size of fringe needed -- I thread the yarn through and pull the yarn through to equal the size of the straw -- it works for an approximate measuring device and keeps me working without having to stop each time & use a measuring tape. The Happy Hooker from Dayton, OH