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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.

Inexpensive way to keep circular needles

And crochet hooks neat.

Hello All - I found the greatest place for storing my crochet hooks as well as dpns and circular needles!  In the fall all the pencil boxes go on sale and come in rather nice colors.  I get 3,  I have one for my hooks one for the dpns and one for circular needles.  Then I can tell at a glance which box to grab depending on what type of project I want to do at the time.  (I usually have more then one going at a time.) In the box with the dpns I keep a needle sizer tool and have all the different sizes of needles grouped together with small ponytail elastics.  You can get the wrapped ones and they don't deteriorate over time. It works great for me and I have been using this trick for years. Happy Knitting and Crocheting. Sparrow in VA


To protect the ends of my needles, keep the stitches on, and to protect me from harming myself when I sit on the needles, I use my husband's drill and drill holes into corks that have been dried out from old wine bottles, remember not to drill more than about ½ way. I do not drink, so I get my daughter or son to save them when they have a bottle of wine. I store them in a flower vase in the living room so they are aired out and dry when I need them. I use a permanent maker pen and mark the size of the needles I was using with them on the bottom of the cork. Peace be with you, Little Candal


Courtesy of Grandma Ora Gay Stock:  Take a large piece of felt material, fold it ¾ way and stitch outside edges.  Make pockets by stitching every inch or two.  Add a short piece at the bottom and use for cable holders and hooks.  Leave space at top to fold down over needles, add a sash to tie it snug and roll it up.  Hikerbabe@sedonalink.com


I found the most useful and inexpensive way to keep my multitude of circular needles.  I took an expandable file with pockets.   Each pocket was labeled with the size of the needles I put in it, i.e. 1,2,3===next pocket 4,5,6. Etc.  For the larger size needles I only put one or two sizes in each pocket.  The front pocket was saved for a needle/knitting gauge and small items   like markers and stitch holders, yarn bobbins and needles which are stored in a small sip lock bag. Since doing this, I  found I had room for my sets of DP needles and crochet hooks, too.  The steel ones are in the front pocket and the others are in the corresponding pockets that would correspond (size B hook in Size 1 knitting needle etc. Inside the front flap I made a chart to inventory the needles I have so I  would know at a glance what needles are in there and can add needles as I acquire them.  I used to never know where my needles were and was constantly purchasing duplicate sizes.   Now I know if I have a 36" size 9 needle for example.  There is another benefit to this.  If I am traveling and am not sure which needles I will be using, The whole file slips easily into my knitting bag (we never know what intriguing yarn we might and want to work with it right away.) I have not finished with my file yet.  I am going to cover the outside to coordinate with my knitting bag and case that holds my straight needles.  I think I may be able to market these as custom made items. Judi Fields