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Knitting in the round

Kibblelets@aol.com I have had so much trouble with a crocheting pattern because of the repeats that are not clearly written, here's how I solved it: I did the math! In my case it is an oval rug that has increases in it. The round edges are where they are. I took the number for the straight edges multiplied by 2 then subtracted them from the total of stitches, whatever is left is the curved edges divided by 2. Hope this helps someone.


Have you tried knitting these in the round using 2 circular needles ?  This is a method that's shown in a book "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles".  Basically what you do is split your stitches between 2 circular needles and knit in the round, moving along the stitches on one needle to the end, then picking up the end of your second needle and finish off that half, making sure you do not pick up the other needle while working.   Shirley Tom-Wolf


From: Bryan Fink bjfink@mail.hurontel.on.ca
Subject: knitting in the round tip
When I'm knitting a fair isle sweater pattern, I always knit it "inside out". In other words, I flip my knitting so that the right side of my knitting project is on the inside of the circular needle, or the dpointed needles.  The reason being is as follows. Your sweater ribbing at the bottom of the sweater will not show the wear and tear of rubbin' across your body as you are knitting it. Also, if you have problems with carrying the yarn too tightly across the yoke pattern section, the yarn will follow the natural curve of the circular needles and you probably won't have near the puckers in the yarn from knitting too tightly (or carrying the yarn too tightly) as you normally do. This seems to work well for me, and I learned this from the owner of a popular yarn shoppe who taught many to knit over the years.  She also told me about the concept of putting "love in every stitch".... Hope this helps a few of my fellow stitches! Sincerely, Judy Morrison (aka...hey! jude!) Ontario, Canada.


I used to have troubl e knitting in the round. My stitches would always come out slanted. I learned that they come out perfectly straight if I work the purl stitches instead. That is, if I work the wrong side of the piece. Good luck.