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This is my favorite mitten pattern, it's actually all in the yarn used at the cuff. Using a matching variegated is nice, if you like color.
Women's Medium
Materials: 1 Ball of Skacel Peacock,   1 Ball of Mexican Waves Yarn, Needles: 1 set of size 4 DPN's
Gauge: 6 sts=1 in.
CUFF- Cast on 44 sts and divide onto 3 needles and join. Work K2 p2 ribbing for appr.3 inches, decreasing 2 sts in last round. There will be 42 sts.
HAND- Knit even for 4 rounds.
First inc. round for thumb gore- Inc. 1 st. in first st (first thumb
st), K1, inc. 1 st in next st (last thumb inc.)  Knit to end of round.-44 sts. 
Knit 2 rounds even
Second inc. round- Inc. 1 st in first st, K 3, inc 1 st in next st, Knit to end of round-46 sts.
Continue to increase 1 st in first and last thumb st every third round (4 times) having 2 sts more between incs. after each round. (54 sts)  
Knit 2 rounds even. Slip to a strand of yarn or a small holder the 15 thumb sts. At the end of last round cast on 3 sts.  There will be 42 sts. 
Work even until measurement above the cuff is 6 in. or desired length, allowing 1 inch for finishing., decreasing 2 sts in last round.  
First dec. round- K tog. every 3rd and 4th st, 10 times. Knit 3 rounds even.  
Second dec. round- K tog. every 2nd and 3rd st, 10 times. Knit 3 round even.  
Third dec. round- K 2 tog. in succession 10 times.
Break off. leaving an end . Draw end tightly through all sts. Fasten off.  
THUMB- Slip to 2 needles the 15 sts of thumb,  with a third needle pick-up and knit the 3 cast on sts. There are now 18 sts. on the needles. Knit around until thumb measures 2 in. above cast on sts. 

First dec. round-  * K 1, K 2 tog.; repeat from* 5 times. 

Knit 2 rounds even.

K 2 tog. in succession 6 times. 

Finish as for top of mitten.

Make other mitten the same way. 

Wear them and ENJOY them.

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