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When a pattern calls for the first stitch to be slipped, I slip the last instead.  I find it makes a neater edge. Joan


Always slip the first stitch as if to purl and purl the last stitch Here is A knitting tip I got from my instructor years ago. Always slip the first stitch as if to purl and purl the last stitch. The secret is to always remember to count that first stitch as stitch number 1 of your pattern. This will give you A smooth edge to sew together. When you lay your garment out to stitch together you sew the top Row of stitches together then turn the garment around and sew that Row together. With this method you will not see the seams and you will have A nice smooth finished garment. Donna Email is willfahrt@milwpc.com  


Sometimes, when I'm making a piece that requires a starting chain, like a square that starts on the edge or an afghan that is worked on the same way, I have noticed that one end is narrower than the other. That is because my starting chain is to tight. I tried several times to make it loose and always  ended up having to undo everything and start again, very frustrating! Specially if the yarn is soft or delicate. Well, I was trying to make some of the squares that you sent us direction for, and could not get it straight. So I decided to use a larger size hook for the starting chain and then switched back to the smaller size that I was going to use originally, and it worked!!! I hope this tip will be helpful! :)  Happy Stitching! Lena


When finishing your work and to trim the short ends after weaving them in. I like to use nail clippers because they don't have as much chance of  clipping the wrong yarns. Plus and it will all be neat.  :-)I hope this helps.


To keep knitted edges straight, I slip the first stitch of the Row.  Insert the knitting needle in the direction of the stitch; slip st as if to knit or slip st as if to purl. Keeps the edges nice and straight.  Ruth