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  I don't know if any one has ever tried this, but...  My husband owns a men's clothing store and is bring home (in his pocket) those little plastic clips that holds shirts together/folded.  I saw one on the bar the other night and decided to use it as a crochet marker....IT WORKED WONDERFULLY.  A lot less time consuming than safety pins.  So the next time you get a new shirt for your hubby or boyfriend, save one of the plastic clips and try it as a marker.  Over the years, I can't begin to think of how many of those I have thrown away. Have a Wonderful Week Caroline


After loosing numerous pieces of yarn I used as Row markers, I finally hit on a Row marker that works great and doesn't cost anything.  I just use a small safety pin and pin it into the place I want to mark. Maurine BermanMaurineB1@msn.com


nbugmann@fmtc.com Subject: Keeping rows I put the numbers of the rows needed for a doily or tablecloth I am working, then when I finish a Row I cross it off with a pencil.  Sometimes I double mark the rows ( put the last Row /first Row; next to last Row/second Row; etc.) that way I not only know what Row I just finished, but I also know how many rows I have left to do for that project.  Hope this helps someone.


Subject: marking your rounds I am a self-taught crocheter. I have found it very easy to mark my rounds with various sized safety pins. Hope this helps. From: "Elaine" elainet@qnet.com 


bjfink@mail.hurontel.on.ca  Subject: stitch markers Want an inexpensive 'stitch marker'? Into recycling? Cut those large McDonalds' milkshake straws into small pieces to mark the ends of rounds in circular knitting or to mark the different pattern sections of fisherman knits. Works well! and a 'freebie!  (well, force yourself to have a BigMac, and the straw is nearly free!...ah, the price to pay for well-knitted projects!) Keep smiling, a Canadian crafter,  hey!jude! (Judy from Ontario) 


Dotti  KESINGERD@MTA.NET I use a stitch-holder from my knitting to: mark my place when crocheting -- keeps stitches from unraveling when I have to quickly put my work back in my bag, and works better than a safety pin in that the yard doesn't get caught up in the safety pin clasp.