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Teaching crocheting   

After years of teaching crochet I have found that the students are less frustrated if I make up a single crochet swatch first and teach them the stitches using the swatch vs starting them with a chain. After they get comfortable with holding the yarn and doing the stitches (usually the second or third class) I then go back and teach them to chain and do the first Row. They seem to have a better time doing that since they are now comfortable with the feel of things. Sheila Sanchez


Hi, my left-handed friend taught me this trick:  When teaching someone how to crochet and you are right-handed and they are left, have them sit on a chair right in front of you and just mirror your actions as you crochet right-handed.  tingeys8@allwest.net


John D." <Banacek@coslink.net > teaching some one to crochet a chain loosely &  reading patterns When teaching some one to crochet a chain loosely, which is often times hard when first starting out. Have them use 1-2 sizes bigger crochet hook.   When reading patterns, often times people have problems as they try to hard by reading a whole paragraph then try to work it. I found by first reading from beginning to the first comma then work that, then proceed in that manner until you're done. 


From: Roxannmoor@aol.com , SHi, I'm a lefty and was taught to crochet by a right-handed woman. She placed a mirror on her lap and had me watch her in the mirror and copy what I saw. I was three and don't really remember but my mom tells me the story often. Roxann


When a right hand person knits a left handed person is purling. And when I knit a right handed person is purling.. It's just the opposite,,