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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crocht or crochet to knitting intruction


(gauge for knitting or crochet)    

Slip the beg lp of ea st just a little ways past the hook. This is the shank part of the hook, and it along with the hook determines the size of your sts. After you have done this for awhile it will become automatic, and will not slow you down.


Here's my own tip for neat knitted edges... After you knit the first st of a Row, tug a little tighter on the working yarn as you make the second st. It somehow pulls the first st tighter, too, don't know how, but it really works. I came up with this on my own and find this works better for me than slipping that first stitch. At the end of the new Row, pull down a little on the work and turn. Donna 


When my sister taught me to crochet many years ago, she showed me the time-honored method of how to place the yarn over my index finger, then around my little finger, to act as a "regulator". Well! That's a sure way to get very tired and sore fingers! My very simple solution is to find a plain, smooth ring (metal or plastic, costume jewelry is fine) that will fit snugly, but comfortably, over your ring finger. Bring the yarn end through the ring before you slip it on your finger (with the yarn end towards your fingers). Voila! You will still need to place the yarn over your index finger, but no more tired and sore little finger! (I use a ring that is large enough to fit above my wedding ring set.) From Barbara in Allentown PA.


From: Cthrnpcck@cs.com   My mother taught me to put a little baby powder on my hands when crocheting baby items. Makes them smell good and the yarn slides easily through my sweating hands!    Cathy Noles