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Tips and Tricks


Exchanging knit to crochet


Exchange knitting to crocht or crochet to knitting intruction

Tips and Tricks

Convert crochet patterns to knitting or your knitting to crochet

Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to add here?  Know a great short cut? Learn something we could all use? Let us learn from you!

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Add pockets

Adding 2nd color

Adding markers

Afghan Sizing - baby to adult

Bind Off


Button holes

Casting on or in middle of Row

Chaining Base Chains

Crochet Backwards

Crocheting in the round

Crochet stitches

Cutting stencils

Cutting Yarn, thread

Dye lots / color

Edges keeping them straight and even


Finding a great site on the internet, Pattern

Fixing Mistakes


Hands becoming very tired or cramping,  sore

How much yarn left?

Inexpensive way to keep circular needles , hooks

Joining granny squares

Keeping patterns - yarn neat

Keeping track of rows,  Row counter, following pattern

Keeping thread / yarn wrappers

Keeping yarn balls separate while knitting/crocheting / clean

Knitting / crocheting for children

Knitting in the round

Left hand Crochet / Knitting


Odor tobacco, musty, smell nice

Organize supplies or many craft projects going at once 

Picture taking / saved

Printing patterns

Reading Patterns


Sewing in sleeves

Smooth finished garment, edge

Stitch markers (Row markers)

Storage for yarn and thread

Stretched Yarn


Teaching crocheting

Tension  (gauge)

Twisted Cord

Washing Instructions

Weaving in ends of yarn

Who did I make that for?

Yarn Weight ... Anyway you say it