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TOP HAT = Knit Toilet Roll Cover

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Thank you Sheila McCarrol

I found the pattern for the Toilet Paper Cover I was looking for. My friend had one. Perhaps some of your readers would like it, so I am sending it along. Thanks.


Knitting worsted weight.....1 2oz. skein will make 2 covers.

Two #4 ½ mm. needles.

Note. What does WO means? It's an old term It's means wool over (yarn over) or weave over. (slip stitch). In this pattern you'd slip st.

Beginning with brim...Cast on 6 st.

1st Row: Sl.1, K5.

2nd Row: K5, P1.

3rd Row: Sl.1, K3, Turn.

4th Row: Sl.1, K2, P1. (Outside edge)

Repeat these 4 rows until there are 46 ridges along shorter edge, ending with 4th Row. Cast off, and with 1 stitch remaining on needle, pick up and knit 1 stitch in each ridge along shorter edge, ending with 1 stitch in cast-on edge. (48 stitches on needle.) Proceed...

1st Row: Purl.

2nd Row: K1, *WO (as in a knitted stitch), K2tog. Repeat from * to last stitch. K1.

3rd Row: Purl.

4th Row:K1, *K2tog. WO. Repeat from * to last stitch. K1. (Don't forget to WO before last stitch.)

Repeat these 4 rows 5 times more, then 1st. and 2nd. rows once.


1st and alt. rows: Knit.

2nd Row: *K6, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of Row.

4th Row: *K5, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of Row.

6th Row: *K4, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of Row.

Continue decreasing in this manner, i.e. having 1 stitch less between decreasings every alternate row to 12 stitches on needle.

Next Row: (K2tog.) 6 times. Break yarn. Thread end thtough remaing stitches. Draw up and fasten securely. Sew edges together. Run ribbon or crocheted chain in and out of eyelets just above brim.