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I have been researching how to wash an Irish Knit sweater. I have several that I've purchased. Well, I finally washed my favorite one and it came out great. Now these instructions are a mix of ideas from other people and my own as well. I took some ivory dish liquid. It is the original white liquid. I put the sweater on medium water level, warm or cold depending on how hot the warm is. It should be tepid. I squeezed some soap around it. If there are spots put some on them too. I put an old bathe sheet in with the sweater.  Also turn it inside out. Now let it run through the wash cycle on delicate. Now when it drains move the cycle forward to rinse. After it rinses, let it spin for 20 seconds. Pull it out, put in on a bathe towel on flat surface, straighten it out. I come back and change the towel. When it is dried it will look great. I hope you can use this idea. Thanks, Rosanne Kay  

I have talked with several people and investigated the best way to handle washing our precious handmade knits.  The best info I found was on the web from a textile expert.  The recommendations are as follows:

·       If possible, always hand wash in cold water. Avoid machine washing and dry cleaning.

·       Do not use any type of laundry detergent or Woolite as these products contain bleach and will not only contribute to the breakdown of the fibers but will accelerate fading as well.  Use a small amount of dish soap, like Dawn.

·       Triple rinse the item in cold water.  Adding a tablespoon per gallon of white vinegar to the middle rinse will help neutralize the alkaline from the soap and correct ph level. 

·       Dry flat and avoid machine drying.

I have followed these recommendations with excellent results.  The items turn out not only looking great but they feel like new.  I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think.  Happy Knitting, Marianne


 Dissolve Woolite in a bowl of water, soak sweater in it for three minuets. Gently squeeze suds through sweater. rinse in clear water of the same temperature as the washing water. After squeezing the water from the sweater, roll tightly in a Turkish towel, or put in last spin cycle of washing machine for one minute-never in dryer- to extract as much water as possible. Lay sweater flat on a dry towel; pull gently to shape it to size and leave to dry. Do not ever place sweater on a hanger or towel bar to dry; the weight of the water pulls it out of shape. Sweater should never be dried in sunlight or near radiator or other heat    From: Llindab127@aol.com 


And this from Adele who says she does Knitting to keep 70 year old hands flexible.  I have a hint to be used as/ever.  Todays paper had several inserts with different scents, I open these up and roll inside out, then wrap my yarn or even insert them into yarn being worked with.  My favorite is, DONNAKARAN/Cashmere mist.  Sure is a surprise to the new owner of a hand knit. The scent stays in the yarn a long time.  THANKS for being out there for new knitters and the older ones as myself.  take care of you,