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Yarn Weight ... anyway you say it

I was just reading your email at the bottom about yarns/wools. I am in Australia and best I know these are Aussie translations:

Fingering - our 4-ply - Same

Worsted - our double knitting - 8ply

Sport weight - our Aran - NO IDEA

Bulky - our chunky - 12ply

We also have 3ply here but not sure what that converts to!! Takes me too long to knit with although its lovely for baby gear!

Cheers from OZ



Hello, there. I have just seen your questions on knitting-crochet.com, and the appeal for answers.  As I understand it, American yarn weights (they always say "yarn", not "wool" like we do in the UK, don't know what you say in South Africa), are roughly as follows:

Fingering - our 4-ply

Worsted - our double knitting

Sport weight - our Aran

Bulky - our chunky

I don't know what they call 2-ply; I never knit with that fine a wool!

Usually looking at the size of the needles they recommend (their size 5

is 3.75 mm, size 6 is 4 mm and size 7 is 5 mm, but I see that more and

more sites translate the sizes into metric now) will give you some idea,

and a tension square, of course, gets rid of any lingering uncertainty.

Other terms you might or might not have gathered:

stockinette stitch=stocking stitch


bind off=cast off

For crochet, I do not understand American hook sizes and rely on them to

give a metric translation.  But the stitch names are as follows:

slip stitch=single, slip stitch

single crochet=double crochet

half double crochet=half treble


triple=double treble

double triple=triple treble

Hope this helps.

Annabel S